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Glenferrie Rd Malvern

Located on a prominent corner in the heart of Malvern, 148 Glenferrie Road previously stood as a Commonwealth Bank branch.
The scope of works required the demolition of the double-storey main building and single-storey building to the rear. Being heritage listed, the front façade was required to be retained.


April 2020


Omnico Corporation


Approx. 600m²


Mann provided engineer designed steel propping to the front façade and permanent footings which form part of the permanent structure.


The façade retention was completed in two stages to accommodate existing load bearing walls and provide lateral support to the heritage facade.
A section of roof was removed to enable the steel to be installed using an 80 tonne crane from the rear of the property, and penetrations made through the first level floor to allow the propping to be installed to the footings at ground level.

Vibration monitoring was provided to ensure all works were completed at safe levels and to protect the structural integrity of the bank located next door.
Services provided included demolition, vibration monitoring, public protection and engineering.

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