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Woolworths Distribution Centre

A former distribution center located in a popular Melbourne logistics hub, this project footprint was over 250,000m2 and at its highest point stood at a colossal 30m high. MANN used over 17 excavators simultaneously working with various hydraulic attachments, we were able to remove up to 150 loads per day. A state-of-the-art number plate tracking system was put in place along with a weight bridge, allowing the smooth flow of trucks throughout the project and a back to base system providing live minute update on tracking. Due to the sheer height of the fully automated shed, A carefully designed and calculated structural pre-weakening method was applied to perform a successful engineered induced collapse.



Principal Contractor

Logos Property Group




Concrete slabs and footings were removed and processed onsite, Hydraulic attachments crushed the concrete to detach majority of the steel to be recycled. Existing underground service tunnels were trenched and battered for removal. On completion grading and leveling the grounds ready for the civil teams to commence. 


All demolition material was organized onsite and recycled to deliver a successful project on time and a 99.60 percent recycle rate.