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Environmental sustainability.

MANN has built its business operations to complement critical and large-scale works and to function as both a primary principal and subcontractor across all demolition fronts. We have the necessary expertise, systems, licences and equipment to successfully deliver on projects of all sizes and complexities.

waste management solutions

Environmental Sustainability Solutions.

Environmental sustainability is a major focus of project planning and implementation at MANN. We maximise waste diversion from landfill and aim for 100% recycling of all non-hazardous materials generated by our projects. We have waste management solutions and reporting systems to track waste generated and recycling rates and we can provide our clients with overall and material specific waste reports.

With it being known that the world’s built environment is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, many developers are adopting the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) sustainability rating system for buildings known as the Green Star Rating system. Our commitment to recycling demolition waste assists clients with reaching their Green Star Rating requirements on their projects.

Norstar Steel Recycling

Norstar Steel Recycling

Our skilled personnel elevate MANN above the competition.

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Sustainable Materials.

MANN are proud to boast an average recycling percentage of 98%, significantly higher than the industry standard of 90%. Steel, structural steel, copper, aluminium, timber, glass, carpet and domestic pipework are some of the many materials we recycle, though the largest contributor of demolition waste is concrete and masonry/brick.

We work closely with Alex Fraser, Australia’s leading producer of sustainable materials for the civil construction industry. Alex Fraser collect our waste concrete, brick, asphalt and clean rock and converts it into quality tested and approved civil construction materials such as asphalt, road base and aggregate materials. These materials are recycled back into other civil projects, or back into the site from which they were extracted.

Recycle Rate

Alex Fraser.

Established in 1879, Alex Fraser is one of Australia’s longest running companies with seven world class recycling and asphalt plants throughout Melbourne and Brisbane. Alex Fraser is now recognised as a global leader in the supply of recycled civil construction materials, and is responsible for the recovery, recycling and repurposing of more than 45 million tonnes of demolition waste. That’s 45 million tonnes of concrete, brick, rock, asphalt and glass, diverted from landfill and converted into quality construction materials that reduce the carbon footprint of development. Alex Fraser has proudly supplied a number of major projects which have achieved Excellent IS Design and IS As Built ratings, including CityLink Tulla Widening, Webb Dock West and Gateway Upgrade North.

Every year Alex Fraser recycles more than 3.5 million tonnes of waste into valuable, high-quality construction materials. That’s enough to fill the MCG every three months, and equates to 22,853 tonnes of carbon savings per annum.